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December 18, 2006


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The running joke in Reno, as we wandered around last week in short-sleeved shirts, was "Boy, good thing global warming is a myth."

Katherine Sharpe

Hear, hear. I'm in New York City, of course, and I grew up in Northern Virginia, far from the rarefied north woods. Still, it's really, disturbingly warm here, and it's on everybody's mind. I hear strangers conversing about it while I walk down the street: "it just feels wrong," they say. I think back to my childhood and what this time of year felt like, and while it rarely snowed before Christmas while I was growing up, there were things then that I feel I haven't experienced in a while, like the hard texture of the ground when frozen, or, as you reminded me, chickadees at the feeder. My roommate keeps saying that at least it isn't cold out, she doesn't like the cold, and I get her, it's convenient for tooling around town and doing the Christmas shopping and all that, but I think you put it best: "It's pleasant but awful." Thank you.


black streams, chickadees at the feeder, knee-deep snow. ah... great images.

i'm originally from the Glens Falls (NY) area, so i know that weather very well. for the last ten years, though, i've been in NC. and, while 70+ deg in December is nice for driving around in the convertible, deep down it feels wrong. i miss the snow, and i can count the days where it's snowed and stuck, in the last ten years, on one hand. we're setting records down here for high temperatures, these days... as i suppose you are, up there.

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