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May 03, 2007


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Terrence McCarthy

I gave up a blog I was writing. That was a few months ago. Staying away from blogging lasted about a week. I started a new blog, The Off the Fence Post. I post every day. You say a big reason for your pulling away is time. There isn't enough of it in your day. I'm semi-retired. Until March I worked part-time in a psychiatric group home. Twenty hours a week. My position was eliminated. The only ( real ) work I do now is teach a writing class once a week. I have LOTS of time to blog. Maybe bloging should be a requirement for those of us who have time on our hands. Maybe it should be a law. I'm kidding of course. But my ( unsolicited ) advice to those with time on their hands. Pick up where you left off. START a blog. There's no money in it, but, at least from my experience, there's some psychic income. You get to " meet " people. And you look at the world through new glasses.

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