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March 12, 2008


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True, I just felt like changing the subject a little.

David Dobbs

The point is not that they had it and didn't know it (though that was probably the case with some), but that they redefined their condition after exposure to the ad campaigns. That's the question raised: Did they have a condition they didn't recognize, or did the ad campaign convince some that a more-or-less normal state is "depression"? Some of both, no doubt.


Man, how can people not know they have a mental disease? That's a tough one. I guess the idea is that depression is more than ideation. Can I be depressed without having the belief that I am depressed? Yes, if depression is something other than a certain set of beliefs.

It seems that debates like this are fundamentally philosophy of mind debates. It's odd that some companies have a financial interest in the way that debate pans out.

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