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May 09, 2008


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sam bryks

This really comes down to common sense. The pharmaceutical firms and the psychiatric establishment are trying to justify use of these drugs telling that the risk of NOT TAKING them is greater than the risk of taking them -- therefore, the Black Box Warnings are more dangerous than not informing patients or families or doctors of precautions. Tell that to a parent whose child has taken their own life and the drugs MIGHT be a contributing factor.
The evidence suggests that this could very likely be true. Or does it just make a whole lot more sense to have family members be aware of risk, have doctors be COMPETENT in patient care of at risk patients. It is hard to even comprehend of this fear mongering -- who would not be concerned about a drug with risk? Or do as the establishment seems to be suggestion -- SHHHHHHH don't tell anyone of the risk in case they won't take their medication...
The medication alone is not what is needed.
It is better care.... If there were as many deaths from crashes of passenger jets as there are from suicide, the entire airlie industry would be shut down.. Imagine that...

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